Sawhorse Ciders

Sawhorse Ciders. We produce vintage dated locally grown, fermented and sold hard cider in Napa Valley.

Milling and Fermenting



Storage after harvesting

We store the apples in a cold cellar to allow for the apples to soften. This makes milling easier and we get more juice!



We wash all of the apples by hand to remove any leaves, dirt and any other material that we don't want. This also allows us to sort out any bad apples.

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Milling is the process of shredding the apples so that we can get the juice out during the pressing. The is also another place where we hand sort out the bruised or damaged apples.


Once the apples are milled we press them for the juice. The juice is then settled for 24 hours, racked then innoculated. We use yeast that allow for a slow fermentation.